Source Corporate Partners

Predicting if good prospects are willing to buy services, discovering companies that meet certain criteria or buy similar services, and prioritizing prospects are arduous tasks.

Using various search engines and social media to find all these pieces of information can be time-consuming and tedious, to say the least.

With Centrly, you can:

  • Discover Corporate Sponsors by finding the sponsors of similar organizations
  • Quickly validate known prospects by viewing their network of existing business connections
  • Manage and organize your findings conveniently in the same platform

Samsung's innovation involvement

Discover new corporate sponsors by seeing those who already support innovation programs, i.e. Samsung Catalyst Fund, Samsung SmartThings, C-Lab.

Inspecting Stripe’s Innovation Ecosystem: Startups, VCs, and Accelerators

Stripe has invested in many fintech companies, including Step, PayMongo and Fast. In 2020, Stripe "pledged at least $1M per year to pay for the direct removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere," and is a customer of carbon capture startups Climeworks, Project Vesta, CarbonCure, and Charm Industrial.

Conduct your research all in one place on our platform, or outsource all the research to our team. Send us a list of companies you’re interested in, and we’ll provide insights backed with comprehensive data and visuals, as well as contact information for the key members within the organization.