You already have access to market research reports, databases, and subscriptions. But, you are still left trying to digest and contextualize huge amounts of data.

Centrly offers a market intelligence solution that builds your view of emerging markets from the inside out in a single platform. Our unique data about companies’ customer traction and partnerships complements traditional financial data, giving you clarity when you are looking for potential acquisitions, strategic partners, or competitive intelligence.

Inside-out instead of top-down

We build your relevant market in “collections” – groups of companies in a similar space. By starting from individual companies and building outwards, you receive a much more granular view into companies’ actions in the market. Across a collection, our approach to mapping markets puts these companies in context, so you can see how they relate to your broader network and to other players in the market.

Unique, alternative data

Centrly mines alternative public data about target companies in each collection. We go beyond financials to bring new insights to your fingertips with information like companies’ customer traction and strategic partnerships – data that’s hard to gather but is essential in evaluating potential fit. Our methodology yields 47% more information than just financial or parent-child data.

Graph-powered network visualization

See B2B relationships in a way that is impossible in traditional list format. Centrly synthesizes collection data into network maps that you can interact with on the platform. These maps surface novel insights about players in the market and help you understand their potential strategic fit with your organization. Every data point in the graph visualization is enriched with source information, making it easy for you to immediately get further context.

Evaluate and prioritize target companies

We make it easy to compare and prioritize companies across a consistent set of evaluation criteria. Each company you select receives a score for every criteria bucket based on the research collected. This allows you to understand their relative performance in these dimensions and prioritize long lists of targets in one collection.

Keeping you up-to-date

Today’s partner can turn into tomorrow’s competitor and next year’s acquisition. Static market intelligence reports can’t always keep up. That is why your collections are kept up-to-date on Centrly’s platform. Our exportable collection reports are great for sharing evaluations and insights in team meetings.

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