Exploring Smart Cities through the lens of Optibus

With the influx of people in cities and towns growing rapidly, it is more important now, than ever, to unlock the potential of ‘smart cities’. Developing cities in a secure, sustainable, and smart manner is vital for addressing the urbanization challenges cropping up as well as upgrading the overall living standards. Smart cities, as a term, gathered momentum in the mid-to-late-2000s with large IT vendors taking it up for research and marketing endeavors.

Private sector green technology companies and efficiency platforms are becoming increasingly common to help accelerate change and the implementation of smart city infrastructure. One such company which is moving the needle in the smart cities’ realm is Optibus – its platform allows transportation companies to cut down on operational expenses and improve routes leading to less traffic, fleet scheduling, and overall efficiency.

Here’s what Centrly’s network graph reveals about Optibus’ clientele:

  • Large, public transit authorities: These organizations typically use Optibus for its AI/ML technology that allows them to cut down on operational expenses and improve route, traffic, and fleet scheduling efficiency.
  • Public transport operators, universities, and private corporations: The reason behind this mix utilizing Optibus’ platform lies in the cloud-based and cost-efficient digital, centralized service that Optibus provides. 

There are ample opportunities for companies to tap into the portfolios of their investors
In growing companies, investors can play a pivotal role beyond providing capital by facilitating synergies among companies existing in their portfolios. They can introduce companies to one another which is a seamless route to the formation of long-term relationships.

Optibus ⇐ Bessemer Venture Partners ⇒ Claroty
With cities relying on 1.1 billion IoT devices for physical security, emergency response systems and other applications, any breach in these devices can leave citizens exposed. American venture capital firm Bessemer Venture Partners is an investor in Optibus as well as Claroty.  A potential partnership with Claroty can support Optibus in strengthening the cybersecurity of its platform, and in protecting its customers’ data. Hence, a low-hanging opportunity for Optibus would be to tap into Bessemer’s portfolio to explore an alliance with Claroty.

Further in-roads can be made by extending the chain of partnerships

Siemens (Mobility) ⇒ Claroty ⇒ Optibus

Siemens ⇒ Claroty ⇐ Schneider Electric

This is how Centrly’s network maps can help companies in finding complementary technology partners and surfacing novel B2B relationship insights that are difficult to obtain elsewhere.

Understand emerging market spaces and identify potential partnership targets with Centrly
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