Personalized market intelligence
for corporate innovation teams.

Today's partner can turn into tomorrow's competitor and next year's acquisition opportunity.

Unravel complex markets and track key relationships — from one AI-driven, graph-based platform.

Discover Key Partners

In quickly-changing, complex markets, being the first to market offers huge opportunities. But finding complementary technology providers, making strategic acquisitions, and prioritizing key customer leads from thousands shouldn't be done in house. Leverage Centrly's AI and rich graph database to discover and quantitatively prioritize candidates.

See the Bigger Picture

No more spreadsheets with endless columns of redundant data. Centrly empowers you to understand the context around companies with powerful filters and intuitive network visualizations. Marry your CRM content with aggregated market intelligence data. View, evaluate, and track them all in one place using Centrly Pro.

Track Competitors

Get a comprehensive view of all of your competitors by seeing a uniquely aggregated and powerful view of all of their publicly listed relationships. See updates to competitors' data in the context of their timeline, easily referenceable by your entire team on the platform. Leverage graph analytics to understand overlap between your competitors' and opportunities' network to make better tactical decisions.

Build your world from the inside out.

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