Centrly connects organizations

We map industries and leverage graph analytics and AI to help you discover the right business partner.

Progress is not just about inventing the future but also discovering, partnering, and learning from the inventors. For, as William Gibson wrote in The Economist, "The future is already here – it's just not evenly distributed."

Centrly is on a mission to reduce frictions in discovering partners, customers, complementary businesses, and more that will radically accelerate the rate of technology adoption.

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Centrly connects organizations in several ways:

Source Corporate Partners

Evaluate known corporate partner prospects and discover new options. See the context around the corporate’s recent activity to prioritize your options and craft compelling pitch messages.

Source Startups

Explore a comprehensive database of startups to ensure you don’t miss out on the next best startup. Filter startups based on your criteria and see their customers, programs completed, and founder background to rank the prospects and find the best ones.

Matchmake Organizations

Are you an intermediary, such as an accelerator or government development team, responsible for matchmaking stakeholders yourself? Centrly has built the first-ever tool just for you. See your community in one place and use data to expand your network.


We have worked with companies in energy efficiency, IoT, and entertainment as well as accelerators and industry associations.

About us

Centrly is headquartered in San Diego, CA with team members located across the world. Centrly’s mission is to accelerate the rate of technological development.

Let’s not leave progress up to that chance encounter on a flight -- guarantee it with Centrly.

Katia Paramonova

Co-Founder & CEO

Yerzhan Karatayev

Co-Founder & Technical Lead

Elena Andree

Business Development Intern

Leandro Collares

UX Research/Design and Data Visualization Consultant

Maximilian Porlein

Data Science & Biz Analyst Intern

Boris Urman

Full Stack Software Engineer

Cassandra Ye

Business Development Intern

Maggie Zhang

Business Development Intern

Barry Coflan


Ganesh Nagarathnam


Gaurav Sood


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