Honeywell's dynamic industry network on Centrly.

Smart market intelligence.

To stay competitive, you need to constantly be on the lookout for new market opportunities, threats, and ways to plug your gaps with partners.

Yet, collecting this market intelligence remains extraordinarily manual, is spread across many tools, and is never contextualized to your company.

You can either continue paying consultants $MM, subscribe to multiple high-end database licenses, maintain 5 data-crunching analysts, and attend 10 trade shows per year...

or you can switch to Centrly.


A market intelligence platform with data, automation, and AI.

Market Landscape

Zoom in and zoom out. Plan your 3-year strategic roadmap with confidence about where the biggest opportunities are all while getting critical updates as the market changes.

Partner Scouting

Whether it's scouting for a scaling startup to invest and later acquire or needing to find the top 20 suppliers to fill a product gap, we will find and prioritize them using quantitative criteria.

Knowledge Management

Your team's existing network is your biggest resource. Track your partners, your partners' partners, and any of your team's interactions so you don't have the same meeting twice.

About us

Centrly is a Forbes 30 Under 30 company made up of the world's best problem solvers. The team is on a mission to accelerate technology to market by making the innovation process more systematic.

The team includes several MIT alumns & awesome interns, a Stanford CS PhD, Spartan race finisher, and a developer of games for children with autism.

Katia Paramonova

Co-Founder & CEO MIT alum. 4 countries, 4 industries.

Jyotishka Biswas

Co-Founder & Head of Product MIT alum. ex-FringeAI, coUrbanize, Markforged.

Yerzhan Karatayev

Co-Founder & Head of Data Rakuten. MOCAP (acq. by SportRadar)

Ted Nichols

Head of Engineering ex-coUrbanize, Nanigans, Abine.

Giulia Agostinelli

Customer Success Manager MIT PhD. Patagonia Case Competition winner.

Leandro Collares

UX/Data Visualization University of Victoria.

Julia Chen

Business Analyst Intern MIT Intern

Ariel Fuchs

Full Stack Software Engineer MIT Intern

Barry Coflan

Advisor Former SVP & CTO - Schneider Electric - EcoBuilding Division

Ganesh Nagarathnam

Advisor Sr. Director Analytics/ML - S&P Global Market Intelligence

Gaurav Sood

Advisor Stanford CS PhD. Microsoft.

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